Frigogel, yesterday and nowadays

A passion for Italian cuisine...

About the Company

Frigogel begins its activity in the middle of last century as a simple meat processing laboratory and it grows up along with the main slaughter and salami industries in Italy thanks to its expertise and reliability.

During the 90ies the Company concept expands, looking forward to export Italian tradition and proficiency in the Food culture.
Beside the constant overlook at the National territory, Frigogel has established – since the early 2000s –important partnership abroad with Opera Meat  (Russia), Organix (Japan) and others, especially in Asian countries.
Frigogel’s main strength has been studying different markets with dedicated human resources and people directly employed in foreign countries for a quicker approach.
This active presence on the territoies goes along with the possibility of knowing customs and languages, adapting Italian tradition in meat to the needs of the foreign consumers.

People say about us: “How many languages do they speak?

Frigogel yesterday

Frigo-Gel has a history of solid values, passion for quality and Italian tradition which are handed down from father to son and from the resources of the nearby territory, the Appennino Modenese.The company was born after the II World War, when the founder, Mario Castelli, establishes the first business of Pork meat and related by-products processing and selling.

In the 50ies his sons Giuseppe and Enzo increase the business. They set up a dedicated laboratory and a retailing workshop, ensuring full respect of the territory meat tradition. The shop still has a big local-wide success.
In 1960 the enterprise makes a significant step forward; the focus shifts from sausage production to the supply and distribution of Pork dissecting for industrial processing up to becomes nowadays known structure: a 10.000 mq producing facility with a worldwide spread business, keeps following the original hand-crafted spirit and meat and delicatessen Italian culture, two standards that always distinguished the company.

Frigogel nowadays

Thanks to its proficiency, perseverance and flexibility, the Company has been able of changing according to the times up to join present productive and distributive capacity. Also, Frigogel offers several kinds of anatomic cuts and products according to the specifications that each customer requires, reaching the leading international markets.

Frigogel evolution – especially in the last 10 years – passes throw the International market which is Frigogel main focusing – tough Frigogel keeps on working on the National market.
Frigogel materializes its International attitude facing countries different approaches to Law and Health matters. Its active presence on the territory as well as the  studying of the International market peculiarities – considering the customer as a business partner – represent the strength of its management.

Moreover, Frigogel offers to its customers adequate language assistance, logistics support and documentary know-how to create solid partnerships.
In order to completely satisfy International market requirements Frigogel has developed over the years a “commercial trading” network linking up Italian producers and its Foreign partners as an interpreter of customer needs.

Frigogel last challenge is “the pork chain project” – starting from the Farms; this project involves a thousand of Italian pigs for Foreign and inner market.